CARE Awards 2018
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Collaborate With JAVA Designs

Since 2006, Java Designs has been collaborating with each of their clients individually — to design the best possible plan to suit their needs and lifestyles. Java’s designers place special emphasis on custom and spec residential projects, taking pride in their flexibility and diversity in style and appeal. The team works with builders, developers, homeowners and designers to bring international inspiration and unique talent to each project.


The CARE Awards represent the acknowledgement of Canada’s finest and most inspiring leaders in the construction and renovation industry. Attending this event is a chance for all West Coast companies in the realm of design and construction to represent their labour of planning, methodical and meticulous process, and to demonstrate their finest standards in both form and function.


The CARE Awards graciously appeal to people who are both in the industry and those who are not. Taking the initiative to continually exhibit how standards can be raised, Java Designs has received awards and acknowledgements in a number of categories.


Java Designs’ team of designers come from well-educated design backgrounds, and their strength is derived through their process and collaboration with their clients. What drives them is the ability to deliver the home and space designs they envision, along with their own personal flare. Java Designs creatively expand on their clients’ ideas.


With the foundational belief that no matter what the project is, Java Designs’ process is built on their one-on-one initiative. In addition, the entire team collaborates and keeps each other fully informed on projects. Essentially, you’re not getting one designer’s aspect — you’re getting the entire team’s input.


Java Designs has made positive transitions as a firm. Recently, they expanded the number of designers and moved into a new office space. In previous years, Java Designs received Gold Awards, and they continually receive recognition for their compelling design work on the Island. Their design aesthetic and creative take on vision continue to be well received and sought after.


Company owner, Kyle Leggett, has a background in mechanical engineering technology, and adds structural and roof knowledge to each project. Together, the team at Java Designs provides an amazing and diverse experience, allowing every home they design to be unique, functional and practical. 102-2871 Jacklin Rd. Phone: 250-590-2468.