CARE Awards 2018
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Built Green For Your Family And The Planet

With concerns about climate change and global sustainability, homebuyers will want to explore the benefits of a Built Green™ home.


Built Green™ homes are energy efficient, healthier for the family and better for the environment. Built Green™ homes offer:


• Greater energy efficiency and long-term saving


• For an 82 Energuide rating, save 10 per cent on CMHC mortgage loan insurance


• Healthier indoor air


• Durable materials requiring less maintenance


• Preservation of natural resources


• Builders are certified through an education program


Everyone appreciates the value of greater energy efficiency, reduced water usage, healthier indoor air and improved comfort. Built Green™ homes represent a commitment to future generations. The program focuses on four areas:


• Energy efficiency


• Indoor air quality


• Resource use (including waste management)


• Overall environmental impact


Consumers choose their own achievement and affordability level depending on the package and price point that works for you. To access a list of local Built Green™ builders, visit For more information on the program, visit: