Learning for Life
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Pacific Christian School - Faith + Education A Lifelong
Faith + education a lifelong journey

Pacific Christian School offers the entire B.C. public school curriculum. A nurturing education involves engaging students in a wide range of activities: exploring nature on kindergarten hikes; responding to local needs by collecting socks as a grade 3 service project; designing experiments to test hypotheses for the grade 5 science fair; starting small businesses for the middle-school marketplace to learn about micro finance; writing position papers to engage in a Model UN for junior high students; rising to the challenge of an Advanced Placement course; developing in performing or visual arts; seeing the world from a different perspective on one of the secondary school cultural trips to Japan, France or New York; developing as an athlete and teamplayer through the many school team opportunities; and growing in Christian faith by learning within a diverse community.

The Pacific Christian School community includes families who are connected to nearly 100 local churches. Students from Alliance, Anglican, ANIC, Baptist, Brethren, Chinese Presbyterian, CRC, Free Presbyterian, Home churches, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist and United churches, to name a few, come together, day after day, and learn with and from each other. As you might imagine, this makes for passionate conversations about what it means to be followers of Christ, and this is one of the things celebrated at PCS. Not everyone always agrees, but they are always willing to listen and learn from one another. Much like any healthy family, belonging isn’t based on everyone agreeing about everything. It is based on seeing each other as beloved children of God.

Central to welcoming students is the recognition and affirmation that faith and education are a lifelong journey. You and your family will experience a sense of love and belonging at PCS, whatever your story and wherever on the journey you may be.

You are welcome to come and explore the PCS community anytime. Please give us a call at: 250-479-4532
or visit http://PacificChristian.ca to book a tour today.