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Navigate Award-Winning Blended Learning
Award-winning blended learning

Navigate is an award-winning school, recognized nationally and internationally for their innovative approach to blended learning. Through the diversity of programs, they are able to offer custom education options that you would expect from a private school, but without expensive tuition fees.

Navigate is a fully funded public school and welcomes full-time and part-time students from throughout B.C., even while they attend other schools. Navigate has pioneered online learning in B.C., with experienced staff who know how to effectively support students, regardless of their location.

Taking online courses with Navigate is the perfect solution for students in grades 8 to 12 who want to balance course loads, free up schedules and allow more room for jobs or elective courses offered at their current school. Navigate’s custom learning plans provide new options for students who want more flexibility to focus on their athletic or artistic development while still meeting their academic goals. Taking courses at home is also a welcome relief to students who find the day-to-day social environment at school difficult to manage.

Navigate has designed an option specifically for the needs of high performance athletes. The Performance Athlete Custom Education Program (P.A.C.E.), offers teacher supported courses and a flexible course schedule so that students can achieve both academic and athletic excellence. In addition, the P.A.C.E. program offers custom courses designed to meet the needs of student athletes who want to market their athletic skills and achievements. With the support of Bill Green of Triple Play Athletics, students in the program can prepare a personal strategy for college recruitment and sport scholarship opportunities

Navigate offers a learning path to a more meaningful education. Registration is open throughout the year so students can start and finish courses at a pace that works for them.

Visit: http://navigatenides.com or http://navigatepace.com.