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Sylvan Learning On Vancouver Island School Success Within
School success within reach

“All children can, and should, experience success at school.” So say Penny Loome and Joseph Rooney, owners of Sylvan Learning on Vancouver Island. Rooney and Loome are passionate about what they do at Sylvan Learning.

“At some point in their education, almost all students struggle to keep pace with the curriculum. This is the moment that learning gaps arise – and Sylvan is the bridge,” says Rooney.

“Students come to us for a variety of reasons,” says Penny Loome. “Some want to improve already good grades, others need enrichment, but many students come to us because they are behind in school, and that is usually because they lack the necessary skills to keep up.”

“Basics such as fluency in reading, comprehension, a solid understanding of basic math facts and number concepts, the ability to write a well-structured sentence – these are the building blocks of a successful school career,” adds Rooney, “but sadly, these are the skills many kids lack.”

“What we do at Sylvan,” says Loome, “is to take kids back to the point at which they began to experience their problems, identify their skill gaps and then construct individualized programs to address the issues and get the kids back on track. Unlike simply supporting homework, Sylvan focuses on ensuring children have the skills to go back to the classroom and raise their standards independently. That’s the key ingredient in the mix: independence. With independence comes higher self-esteem, increased self-confidence and greater overall success.”

“It’s really no surprise that a child who simply cannot keep up in class, who learns from an early age that his best efforts aren’t good enough, becomes alienated and starts skipping class, avoiding homework and generally doing everything possible to avoid yet another failure. When kids disengage from the learning process, it is often hard to get them to re-engage,” says Penny

“If a child is not hitting the developmental milestones when it comes to school, if they are consistently just meeting the minimum level of achievement, if they are disinterested in school or battle over homework, then parents should look at getting support,” says Loome.

“Not every child wants to go to college or university,” adds Rooney, “but when the single biggest indicator of future success – both in terms of job satisfaction and standard of living – is how well a child has done in school, then ensuring children have that success in order to enjoy those choices should be paramount.”

Sylvan Victoria, Sylvan Westshore and Sylvan Nanaimo/Duncan: 1-800-Educate. http://sylvanlearning.com/ca/victoria