Planned Giving
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A legacy worth leaving
By Brittany Kingzett,
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

When you think about your legacy, what you’re really thinking about is your life — your values — and making sure that what you believe in continues to shine through. Your vision for the future is your story to tell. It’s what you make of it — so make it count.

Victoria’s Selwyn Wong, a long-standing donor and volunteer at BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, believes in giving back to his community. Although Selwyn does not have children of his own, he values the well-being of all children, and he believes that caring for the future of kids “in all aspects of life” is a legacy worth leaving.

Prompted by an article on legacy giving in what is now SHINE magazine, published by BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Selwyn found a way to help ensure a healthy future for BC’s kids. While Selwyn and his family have been fortunate not to need the services at BC Children’s Hospital, he understands the importance of pediatric medical care and its ability to transform lives. Although Selwyn hopes that no family ever has to use the services that he supports, he feels that when a child is sick or injured, there is no better place to be than BC Children’s Hospital.

Selwyn was able to work with his lawyer, and with a few simple words, specific bequests were written into his will, with Selwyn choosing to leave his gift undesignated. “I want BC Children’s Hospital to be able to use my donation where it’s needed most.”

Selwyn’s proactive approach and desire for clarity in his will comes from a challenging experience as executor of his father’s estate. That experience taught Selwyn some valuable lessons in planning his own will. He encourages anyone considering their own legacy to do the necessary paperwork to ensure their wishes for the future will be met. “The cost is not insignificant, but [a will] reduces, and perhaps eliminates, any ambivalence, anxiety, confusion and regret.”

Selwyn feels confident his will is clear and uncomplicated, which will ease the administrative burden for his executor. The clarity in his bequest will ensure his estate will be efficiently distributed and directly benefit the causes he values. Selwyn’s story reminds us that thoughtful planning today can bring hope to future generations of children and their families.

For more information on leaving a gift to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in your will, contact: 604-875-3679,, or visit: