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For the Wild at Heart
A female bald eagle is lucky to be alive after crashing into a car while hunting for her dinner.

When brought to the BC SPCA’s Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC), she was in pretty rough shape and unable to stand. X-rays done at Wild ARC revealed she had a fractured left wing. Wild ARC staff treated her with pain medication and calcium (to help with bone growth), and wrapped her wing to support the fracture. This help came just in the nick of time, so the staff and volunteers at Wild ARC named her Nik.

As Nik’s condition improved, she was moved to larger and larger enclosures to give her space to recover and exercise her injured wing.

In 2017 alone, Wild ARC treated 3,066 animals from nearly 140 species. This work requires highly skilled rehabilitators who provide specialized, and often expensive, diagnostics (such as the X-rays done for Nik) and care. The BC SPCA receives no government funding for any of its operations. All the good work done at Wild ARC is funded by generous and thoughtful donations from the public. The largest portion of Wild Arc’s funding comes through bequests left in a will or through a life insurance policy.

In four months’ time, Nik’s flight was strong, and even and she was ready for release. She took to the air and back to her life in front of a crowd of proud staff and volunteers. Thanks to Wild ARC supporters, this bald eagle was able to receive the care she desperately needed, and was able to return to the life she was meant to live — in the wild.

You can become a Forever Guardian to wild animals in need and plan for a future where all animals, like Nik, are rescued, nurtured back to health, and if possible, released back to the wild where they belong. By creating a legacy of caring and support through an estate gift, you can ensure that no wild animal ever gets left behind.

To find out more about becoming a Forever Guardian to future generations of wild, farm and domestic animals in need, visit:, or contact: Yolanda Benoit, Senior Manager, Will & Estate Gifts, 1-800-665-1868,