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Jennifer's Story
by Marcelo Silva

Jennifer’s story represents the courageous journey that many women take every year in leaving violence behind and embarking on a new path of self-sufficiency and wellness.

Carrying her son, and only the clothes they were wearing, Jennifer made the brave decision to leave. She found a safe haven at a transition house. There, she was given a WIN (Women in Need) gift certificate, which she used at a WIN store to choose some clothing and toys.

After a period of respite, Jennifer found housing. The transition house counselor referred her to the WIN New Start program where she received furniture, beds, linens, and other household items that made her house feel like a home.

When we checked in with her, we learned that as a newly single parent, Jennifer’s food budget was stretched thin, despite working two jobs. Through the Crisis and Referral program, WIN provided her with food gift certificates to help fill her short-term need.

In talking with WIN’s program coordinator, Jennifer shared that she was one course short finishing her degree. She applied to the WIN Self Sufficiency program and received a bursary that enabled her to complete her last course.

Today, Jennifer has a better paying job in the healthcare field, and has found balance for herself and her son. She talks about feeling supported by her community and proud of her ability to accomplish her goals.

Jennifer is planning to take the WIN Transformations program, where she can explore boundaries, communication, self-responsibility and her new choices in an in-depth way.

Jennifer is a character who represents over 1000 people who are supported by the Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative every year — thanks to the generosity of the community. Become a donor today and empower thousands of women in our community. Phone: 250-480-4006.