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PISE helps take the barriers away
Transforming lives through healthy physical activity and sport — this is the driving purpose at PISE (Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence). As a charitable non-profit, PISE is a stand-alone organization that is financially self-sufficient through their services, fundraising and sponsorship. They are celebrating 10 years of developing healthy, active kids, powering developing athletes, supporting the well-being of adults and providing students and national teams with a leading edge, inclusive facility.

Passionate about people, the PISE team believes everyone of every age and ability deserves health and well-being. Each year, PISE welcomes students, children, community members, athletes, Paralympians and Olympians. They reach 5,000 children and youth of all abilities each year in schools, community and recreation centres and at PISE.

The Gift of PLAY

In a world where the average child spends several hours each week on screens, when there is a growing health and obesity crisis in Canada and childhood poverty and affordability continue to impact families in B.C., accessible, quality physical activity is needed more than ever. Research shows that physical activity not only improves physical health, but also mental and emotional well-being. PISE works to inspire creative movement exploration to help kids play their way to confidence, skill development, fun, team work, respect and inclusivity.

Each year, PISE helps 45 children enjoy a PISE program or summer camp at no cost through their PLAY Your Way grant — funded by generous donors. They would like to support even more children with your help. These children come from many different situations — families of single parents, families with a parent or child with a disability or illness, new Canadian families or children in care of the province. This small opportunity can have a big impact. The reaction of one mother says it all.

“OMG, I actually just leaped out of my chair with joy! I’m in tears — happy tears that they get to try this out. That a small dream of theirs has been met.”

In addition to offering this grant, donations help fund a number of programs that reach hundreds of kids each year, including adapted programs for over 60 children with disabilities.  Whether children are in a power chair, have a cognitive disability or a challenging illness, they deserve to play and have fun with other kids. PISE’s goal is to facilitate this experience, as observed by a parent whose children attended summer camp.

“I have two children with varying levels of athletic, social and self-regulation skills. I am incredibly grateful and impressed by the talent, enthusiasm and unique respect for child diversity that the PISE leaders bring to the program. The staff are well trained and very capable of working with kids to bring out their talents, reinforce the areas where they are weak, and leave them with a greater sense of confidence in sports, social engagement and beyond. The PISE team really helps kids shine!”

Powering Athletic Performance for Youth

When young athletes fall in love with their sport and dream of representing their province or country at the highest level, the need for financial assistance for travel, coaching and training grows. Many families cannot afford the additional cost needed to help their children reach their full potential. With support from the community and private donors, PISE provides strength and conditioning training scholarships and programs for youth athletes at no cost. Proper strength and conditioning improves performance and confidence, and helps prevent injury.

Facility Enhancements

As PISE celebrates 10 years of successful operation, new enhancements are constantly needed to maintain the high standards of the facility and to meet the accessibility needs of all members — students, athletes and clients. Over the past 10 years, PISE has added an indoor ergometer training centre for Rowing Canada, an outdoor training zone, 400 metre accessible world standard track that supports the community and Athletics Canada’s national middle distance program, as well as new equipment for the fitness centre.

You can make a difference and provide a developing athlete or team with the training they need to improve every day, excel in their sport and ultimately achieve excellence. Help PISE grow and continue to provide our community with a place and programs that give everyone the opportunity to lead a healthy and active life. PISE relies on the generous support of donors to help the community they are so passionate about. Working together, more lives can be transformed through healthy activity and sport.

There are many ways you can support PISE, including a monthly gift, a one-time gift, and through an endowment hosted with the Victoria Foundation. Visit to make a donation, or call Stacey Lund, Business Development Manager, at: 250-220-2513 for more information.