Planned Giving
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Growing a stronger community
When we talk about having a stronger community, we invariably end up talking about those important issues that affect us all in one way or another: housing and homelessness, supports for vulnerable people, caring for seniors and children. To make our community stronger, we need to invest in serving our most vulnerable people — those who are lacking in supports and resources. When we care for people, we see our community getting stronger and healthier.

Did you know that The Cridge Centre has been caring for your community for the past 145 years? We serve over 2000 vulnerable individuals each year. When you entrust your resources in The Cridge Centre, you are growing your community.

We serve Greater Victoria in seven main program areas:
• Seniors’ assisted living
• Childcare
• Housing and supports for women leaving domestic violence
• Outreach worker for young parents
• Respite support for families with children with a disability
• Housing and supports for refugee and immigrant families
• Housing and programs for survivors of brain injury

As we work and live in our community, we see diverse needs that need to be addressed. The Cridge Centre strives to be relevant and effective, working to support those who are falling between the cracks.

For the past 145 years, we have provided care for tens of thousands of people, reaching into our community with care and compassion. As we look ahead to our next 145 years of service, we know that we are ready and willing to provide new and needed services. However, in order to grow and provide much needed services, we need your support. Without the generosity of our community, we cannot grow to meet the ever changing needs of our community. Your support is essential to help us grow a stronger community for all of us.

Visit us for a tour and learn more about how you can get involved. When you support The Cridge Centre, you are investingin your community — making it stronger and healthier for veryone. Call to learn more, and to help us grow our community together. Ph. 250-995-6419.