Planned Giving
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Your gift helps young people find hope for the future
As part of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Youth Living Life to the Full program, teens and young adults applying for a Janice Lee Bursary are asked to write a letter to a teenager struggling with a mental health or substance use problem, as they were at the beginning of their journey. They’re asked to share what they’ve learned about their experience, and what’s helped them to have hope for the future. A planned gift to the Canadian Mental Health Association in Victoria can help young people experience better mental health and have hope for the future.

When you make a planned gift to the Association, your money goes directly to programs that will help make a difference. Like our bursaries, scholarships, and community wellness services. Your gift helps us with programs that prevent mental health and addiction problems from starting and helps us to intervene earlier in a young person’s life. We can reach young people B4Stage4.

For more information, contact: 250-216-4228 or 1-800-555-8222.