Readers Choice
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Readers' Choice Award Winner: Discovery Coffee

Best Coffee House


“Our journey for the perfect cup is never-ending”


Since day one, Discovery Coffee has valued three things above all else: good coffee, good music and good people.


When it comes to good coffee, Discovery Coffee work tirelessly to source the best beans, to work directly with farmers, and to build positive relationships across the coffee industry. Once they have something they love, they roast and brew the coffee to perfection, always taking care to showcase the uniqueness in every cup.


When it comes to good music, it has to be vinyl and it has to rock.


When it comes to good people, Discovery looks to surround themselves with a team that shares their values and their vision. From the roastery to their five cafes, from their bakery to their wholesale accounts — Discovery Coffee is what it is because of the people. Oh, and they also have to rock.


“We are nothing without our team and our community, so you can imagine how thrilled we were to find out that our community voted us “Best Coffee House”.”


For 13 years, Discovery Coffee has been proud to bring delicious specialty coffee to Victoria. They are looking forward to the years ahead.


“Thank you, for recognizing us, and for loving what we do as much as we love what we do.” — Discovery Coffee