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Readers' Choice Award Winner: Cedar Hill Golf Course

Golf Course (Public) WINNER


Big improvements to winter golf conditions at Cedar Hill


Few soils drain fast enough to allow golf to be played right after heavy or prolonged rain, but proper drainage helps speed up the infiltration rate that water moves off the course.


At the Cedar Hill Golf Course, staff have been doing exactly that. “By moving water off the course, the golfer’s experience will be that much more enjoyable,” explains Ian Smith, Golf Course Superintendent.


“We used to have golfers tee off rubber mats and play to temporary greens; now that’s all changed. Golfer’s play from grass tees to regular greens. Better course conditions and a little help from Mother Nature have really helped in our overall success.” Over the winter of 2019, additional drainage improvements will be made on holes 12 and 14, and some repair work on 5 and 15.


Smith explains that although this is still “Winter Golf”, the idea of installing drainage and keeping the putting surfaces firm is not only to allow people to come out in the winter, but to extend the shoulder seasons by providing better playing conditions in the late fall and early spring.


You are invited to come this winter and try Cedar Hill during winter conditions and see what you think of these improvements.


Audubon International


Cedar Hill Golf Course is working toward an exciting new certification called “The Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses.” The certification is provided through Audubon International.


The program is designed to help golf courses blend environmentally responsible practices into the day to day operations of golf course management. Information and guidance is provided to the golf courses in the program, to help them implement stewardship projects and receive recognition for their efforts.


their efforts. The intention is to provide the best possible playing conditions on the golf course while being mindful of the natural environment and the wildlife in and around the property.


The program is comprised of six sections that cover each environmental component of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program. Golf courses receive credit for each section. After all six sections are complete, the golf course receives certification as a designated Audubon Cooperative sanctuary.


The Cooperative Sanctuary program takes a few years to complete, as the requirements are met one section at a time. Cedar Hill Golf Course has just finished their site assessment and environmental plan, earning them a certificate in Environmental Planning.