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Readers' Choice Award Winner: Heart Pharmacy

In 2014, Heart Pharmacy changed its name to better reflect its values and mission. As a family-owned and operated business, the goal was to become a pharmacy that dispensed the love and care of a family — to the community.


To be honoured today by our customers and by the Reader’s Choice Awards, as winner of Best Pharmacy, is an accolade that brings the Heart Pharmacy team tremendous pride. This award validates and affirms for us, that our desire and mission to serve the community is indeed being felt.


Caring for the community and for customers is what Naz Rayani, Heart Pharmacy’s founder, cultivated in his many years as a pharmacist. Heart Pharmacy’s mission today is about honouring that, recommitting to that force of love, and conveying that message to the communities we serve.


Naz’s love has been contagious, and today, we pride ourselves on being a team of dedicated and compassionate staff of pharmacy and front store team members. Loving care is our driving force, and defines how we do business — namely, by providing every customer the time and space to feel heard and attended to.


We are truly grateful for the recognition bestowed upon our team by this award, and it is an encouragement to all of us to do even better to bring our community the patient-centred love and care that sets Heart Pharmacy apart.