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Readers' Choice Award Finalist: Fraser Orr The Butcher

Meat your maker


Orr’s Butcher has been operating since 1979 in Brentwood Bay, B.C. and has earned a reputation for quality meat, homemade sausages, meat pies and haggis.


Fraser Orr has been part of the famous haggis and sausage making family, Ronald Orr & Son’s Family Butcher, that has spanned 38 years in Saanichton B.C., and has gained legions of followers.


With his siblings support and great staff, Fraser Orr the Butcher has resurrected their family’s famous recipes. Making the freshest, tastiest goods possible in their 800 square foot kitchen, their cutting room, deli counter and retail space expand into another 1,200 square feet.


The Deli offers hot and cold lunches, cold cuts and sausage rolls, pies, Scotch eggs and pizzas, including a haggis pizza.


Surprise! Orr’s also offers some vegetarian dishes.


After a very long five years away from running his own butcher shop, working for the supermarkets and a stint in the oil patch, Fraser is once again doing what he knows and loves best.


“We call Fraser Orr’s the ‘happy place’, as that’s where our customers are!”


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