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Readers' Choice Award Winner: Brothers Barbershop

For the past 20 years, brothers Vic and Artor have been working on Fort Street as barbers. In 2015, they opened their own shop called Brothers Barbershop.


They have been nothing but happy making people look good. Originally, they worked for someone else for 16 years, and finally they opened their own shop.


The brothers came from Kosovo with their parents during the war, and today, they feel blessed to call themselves Canadian. Since they opened the shop, they have built an amazing team: Denis, Karleigh (aka Koko), Andrew, Arnel and Bardhi.


Once a year, on their day off, three of these guys come and work very hard to raise the money for cops for cancer — For the Kids. Ever since, Brothers Barbershop has continued this tradition.


We just want to thank everyone who believed in us for taking the time to vote — for us! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy new year!