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The competitive advantage
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Next year, Atlas celebrates 50 years in Victoria as a 100 per cent family owned local business.

Atlas Stereo & TV Ltd. was originally established by Dick Hordyk in 1968 as a TV repair centre, and later developed into a full-service electronics retailer. Dick’s son, William Hordyk started working at Atlas part-time at age 14, then full-time after graduating fron high school.

In 1997, William purchased the company from his father. In 2004, Atlas joined Audio Video Unlimited, a buying group. This allowed Atlas to be price competitive, even up against the biggest of box stores. You will not pay more to buy at Atlas.

Atlas has grown tremendously, recently purchasing its location at Yates and Vancouver. Product lines have been expanded from mainstream to include the best in wireless and world-class high-end audio, as well as the trendiest lifestyle TVs and A/V furniture.

The experience gained with offering premium products gives Atlas’s staff the knowledge to select the best performing products at any given price point.

The carefully assembled team at Atlas has an extraordinary level of electronics industry experience, with some careers spanning four decades. The experienced technical team at Atlas handles everything from a basic TV installation to the most highly complex custom home and commercial systems.

These competitive advantages coupled with a strong ethos have contributed to the longevity and success of Atlas. Dick Hordyk summed it up: “Doing the right thing for the customer. That is what made us grow.”

Next year, Atlas will celebrate 50 years in Victoria as a 100 per cent family owned local business.