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Small shop with big choices
“Cardino’s would like to thank everyone who voted for us ...”

Downtown Duncan holds a charm all of it’s own. It has long been a destination day trip from both up and down the Island. Friends and families meet in Duncan to eat, shop and play, and its walkability and friendly parking policies are what bring customers back every time.

Given the nature of what retail has become, we strive to make your shoe shopping experience a pleasant one. Our staff are friendly and knowlegable, the products we carry are different, and we don’t necessarily do what everyone else does, so it has become ‘the’ destination shoe shop – far greater than we ever imagined.

Style and comfort don’t always go hand in hand. We look for shoes and boots that stand out. We like to support the new industry cobblers because without new and different, things get dull. We source shoes from around the world that are designed to provide good support and that will fit differing foot shapes. For example, a shoe with superior cushioning and a latex rubber sole is like a mini shock absorber for every step you take, therefore minimizing the stress on joints and tendons.

There is so much that goes into making a shoe – that’s the interesting part – the fun part for our customers is in the leathers and how they look and feel and all of that is what inspires and delights us working at Cardino’s .

Our advertising, website and social media are all platforms we use to show you where we get inspiration from and how to wear the new styles. As fashion changes and hems differ on pants, skirts and dresses, so, too, will the boots and shoes.

Currently, short boots are popular with skinny pants and leggings. However a trouser with a slightly wider leg will require a different toe – and so it goes. Working with our customers is an honour.

As much as price is a factor for so many (yes we do have cheaper price points), we love to support shoes made with really good leathers and fabrics. Companies who are ethical in their practice of shoe-making as well as the attention to detail is what inspires us to be different. This is what keeps our customers coming back and we are grateful.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the voters who voted for us, and to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season.