Tie the Knot
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What if something should go wrong?

Every couple should consider PAL Insurance Brokers’ (Canada Ltd.) unique product called Weddinguard for their big day. Weddinguard is an insurance product that provides insurance coverage for the bride and groom’s wedding essentials, such as:


• bridal attire • rings

• wedding gifts

• wedding cake and flowers

• wedding photos and video

• wedding stationery

• rented property

• loss deposits

• wedding cancellation expenses

• honeymoon cancellation expenses

• liquor liability coverage for three

• 24-hour periods, such as rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception, and gift opening.


The two most common questions related to PAL’s Weddinguard insurance are: “Why do I need this insurance?” and “What does this insurance cover?” The team at PAL asks future brides and grooms the following questions when considering the need for a Weddinguard insurance policy:


• What if your wedding dress is ruined before your wedding?

• What if your wedding photographs do not turn out due to loss or damage of the original film, negatives or damage to digital media on which the images are stored?

• What if the church and/or establishment cannot hold your ceremony/reception?

• What if your fiancé or anyone in your family falls ill or worse?

• What if Dad loses his job before the wedding bills have been paid?


For most brides and grooms, the answers to the above questions are often unknown and can create anxiety and concern. A PAL Weddinguard policy provides peace of mind in relation to these concerns.


The average amount spent on a wedding today is around $40,000 and can increase dramatically from there. For most people, weddings are a major investment and take months of planning. Weddinguard protects this important investment and provides protection against many adversities that can occur on or before the wedding day, including cancellation from most causes beyond the bride and groom’s control.


Removing the fear of the unknown from your wedding day reduces your risk that your day will be ruined by certain factors that you have no control over. A PAL Weddinguard policy can greatly reduce those risk factors while protecting your investment in the most important day of your life.


A PAL Weddinguard policy covers a great deal of potential issues that can occur on or before the wedding day. This means that if any bridal attire, including bridesmaid and groomsman attire, gets damaged or lost before your wedding day, a PAL Weddinguard policy will cover the cost to repair or replace it.


If your wedding venue suffers a financial failure or if your wedding entertainer cancels, a PAL Weddinguard policy will cover the loss of your deposits. If your wedding rings are lost or damaged, a PAL Weddinguard policy will cover the repair or replacement of your rings. If your wedding cake or flowers are lost or damaged, a PAL Weddinguard policy will cover the repair or replacement of them. If your rented property, such as outdoor tents, tables or chairs, etc., is damaged, a PAL Weddinguard policy will provide for reimbursement of such property.


If your wedding or honeymoon has to be cancelled because of the illness of an immediate family member, for example, or because of a major weather disturbance, a PAL Weddinguard policy will cover the cancellation expenses. Please note that all of the above-mentioned circumstances are subject to the level of coverage purchased and are governed by PAL Insurance’s Weddinguard wording. None of these portrayals are meant to be exhaustive or comprehensive, and this article is meant for information purposes only.


PAL Insurance offers various levels of coverage under its Weddinguard program in order to fit the needs of all engaged couples. Silver Packages begin at $200 and coverage levels increase in the Gold, Diamond and Platinum Packages. Worldwide coverage is also available, subject to restrictions.


Consider a PAL Weddinguard insurance policy for your wedding day. Protecting your investment on your big day is the top priority of PAL Insurance. Please contact us at: 1-800-265-8098 or go to: palcanada.com for Weddinguard package details, online quotes and immediate policy issuance.