Tie the Knot
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Before and after the big day

Whether new or pre-owned, your wedding gown needs to be clean, wrinkle-free and ready to help you shine.


Since it all starts with the dress, don’t let the memories end after your wedding day. Let’s face it. Weddings can be hard on a gown. Some stains dry up and become invisible to the eye but continue to eat away at the fabric. Keeping your wedding gown in the best possible condition should be a primary concern. One Hour Cleaners in Victoria has the tools and technology necessary to clean your gown without ruining it in the process.


Cleaning and Preservation


Cleaning and preserving your wedding dress is very important in order for it to survive and look great for generations to come.


Whether you want to preserve your memories that blossomed with your wedding day or you decide to sell your gown and recover some of the cost — every gown needs to be cleaned after the wedding.


And if you plan on keeping your gown, your wedding gown preservation by a certified wedding gown specialists is essential.