Tie the Knot
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Learn the art of partner dancing
Start your life together on the right foot. At Dance Your Freedom Studios, we understand that everyone is great in their own way and that no one is perfect. That’s why we subscribe to the philosophy— “Forget Perfect”.

We aim to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere where you can both highlight your abilities and shine your light as individuals — together.

Our main focus is to teach communication and relationship skills through the art of partner dancing because we know that if we are not relaxing and communicating, we are not really learning and having fun.

We cover a lot with a little and will customize your dance package to optimize your preferences, budget, time-frame and abilities. We will even help you choose your special song if you haven’t done so already.

And we guarantee you will leave our studio with a very positive and memorable experience for your first dance. Plus, as a gift from us, we include a video recap as a free bonus, so you can capture your “aha moments” and practice for your big day!

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