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Care for your flowers on your wedding day
When dealing with fresh flowers, remember — you are dealing with nature. Look after your wedding flowers as you would any living thing. Here are some fool-proof tips to help you look after your wedding flowers.

• Foxglove Flowers will carefully deliver your flowers in a delivery box, or have them ready for pick-up. To prevent bruising or damage, make sure no-one touches the flower petals.

• Ensure a proper vehicle is available for flower transit — air-conditioned is best, with room so the flowers don’t get bruised.

• Keep the flowers in the box until you need them. The less handling the better. Keep in a cool room and out of direct sunlight.

• Putting your flowers under air conditioning can cause damage. It can dry them out or makes tropical flowers collapse. If the aircon is on, put the flowers where it is not blowing onto the blooms. Use a spray bottle mist to keep your flowers fresh and hydrated.

• Do not put bouquets in drink coolers, drink fridges, food fridges or bait freezers. This may sound silly, but some brides have done this only to find a very black, frost-bitten, soggy bouquet if the cooler freezes the bouquet. Ensure a solid temperature of 4 degrees (no colder).

• Foxglove Flowers will ensure your bouquets have fresh water until you are ready to use them. Once you are in your wedding dress, remove the bouquet from the vase of water over the sink, then dab the stems with a cloth or paper towel to prevent drips on your dress.

• Button holes, corsages and hair flowers should be kept in a cool room, however, if its a very hot day, its best to keep them in a fridge until needed. If you do choose to place them in the fridge, turn the fridge down to a low setting, place the flowers either in the crisper or on the shelf, but at the very front—the closer to the back of the fridge, the more likely they are to freeze. Its a good idea to remove any citrus fruit from near your flowers, as it releases gases that can cause flowers to wilt.

• For photos prior to the ceremony, ensure the flowers are recut and given a period of time to rehydrate prior to the ceremony. A simple half inch off the bottom of the bouquet will allow for rehydration. Best kept in a cool room.

• Once you enter the reception, have vases ready, filled with water to stand your bouquets in to keep your flowers fresh all night and prevent breakages and bruising. Have a pair of cutters, not scissors, as these will crush them stems, on hand to recut the stems and give your flowers a new lease on life and a fresh drinking surface.

• Enjoy the bouquet the following week. Cut the stems every couple of days, change the water, and your wedding flowers will stay happy for as long as possible.

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