Victoria Arts Guide
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Ladies and Gents, meet Theatre Inconnu!
What is Theatre Inconnu? Quite literally the name means “Unknown Theatre,” and many have called the company “Victoria’s best kept secret”. It’s time to get this secret out in the open.

Did you know that Theatre Inconnu has produced over 130 plays in Victoria since 1987, that Theatre Inconnu founded and produced the Summer Shakespeare Festival from 1991 to 2002, and that Theatre Inconnu has logged hundreds of touring performances in six countries?

Most importantly, Theatre Inconnu has been, for over three decades, focused on introducing local audiences to nationally and internationally acclaimed works covering multiple genres. The company chooses plays that are ideally suited to its intimate production style. With seating for 60, audiences are guaranteed a rich theatrical experience and an opportunity to see some of Victoria’s best known and talented actors challenge themselves with roles that push their skill sets to the max.

Theatre Inconnu offers an inviting atmosphere. New visitors quickly feel part of the “Inconnu family” as they return time and again to rediscover the richness of this artform. With admission costs comparable to movie ticket prices and regular pay-what-you-wish nights, Theatre Inconnu’s productions are accessible to all. Make this year, the year that Theatre Inconnu becomes less “inconnu” for you. Begin by checking out the company’s website: