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Chemainus Theatre ignites your imagination

The legacy of The Chemainus Theatre Festival is one of great people and great stories. Nestled in the seaside town of Chemainus, the theatre has offered regionally and internationally acclaimed theatre since 1993.


As one of Western Canada’s largest performing arts organizations, this charitable Society welcomes over 70,000 residents and visitors every year by championing exceptional theatre that explores and nourishes the human spirit. Audiences from all over come to immerse themselves in the story and song of the stage, and are also drawn to the energy and beauty of the Cowichan region.


Patrons enjoy classic and contemporary productions in musical, tribute, dramatic, and comedic style. The Festival has attracted talented guest actors, directors, musicians and designers from across North America — a testament to the highly regarded theatrical productions and facilities.


Guests marvel at the warmth and kindness of the Chemainus Theatre Festival Experience, which features quality performances as well as delectable dining and an on-site gallery featuring local B.C. artisans.


In the Playbill Dining Room, enjoy an enticing and satisfying experience with a selection of culinary delights, and a new menu inspired by every production. The executive chef prepares a diverse and tasteful menu for you to enjoy, accompanied by live music while you dine. The Gallery Gift Shop affords the opportunity for patrons and art enthusiast to take home a memorable piece of the West Coast.


Every year, your support and patronage emboldens The Chemainus Theatre to continue providing theatre in creative new ways that aim to ignite your imagination with each new season. It’s a pleasure to produce theatre in the heart of Vancouver Island.


We invite you to join us in the colourful journey through story, and savour the season at the Chemainus Theatre Festival.