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Kaleidoscope Theatre for young people

Victoria’s Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People has been inspiring generations of theatre lovers since their inception in 1974. Under the Artistic Direction of Roderick Glanville, Kaleidoscope is Vancouver Island’s resident professional theatre company for young audiences — offering year ‘round theatrical programs and a performing arts theatre school for children and teens.

Kaleidoscope’s 2018-19 season features an exciting lineup of productions based on award-winning literature for young people: ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’, ‘Pippi Longstocking’, and ‘The Giver’.

Learn what it is to love with the Canadian premiere of Kate DiCamillo’s award-winning ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’. A heartwarming story that follows the journey of a China rabbit, Edward Tulane. Vain and self centered, Edward journeys through a cast of loving and suffering characters on a long trip back to the girl who lost him as he learns to value the people around him, and to love others selflessly.

Go on an adventure with Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Efraim’s Daughter, Longstocking — or Pippi for short! ‘Pippi Longstocking: The Family Musical’ is a glorious musical production for the whole family. No school, no parents, no bedtime or rules. Pippi’s on her own to live as she pleases!

Discover what it means to grow up, to grow wise, and to take control of your own destiny in the stage adaptation of the celebrated novel, ‘The Giver’. Jonas’ world is perfect. Everything is under control and safe. There is no war or fear or pain. But when Jonas turns 12, he is chosen for special training — to receive and keep the memories of the community. Now Jonas will learn the truth about life — and the hypocrisy of his utopian world.

When it comes to theatre training for young people, Kaleidoscope believes that singing, acting, and dancing are life skills that develop creativity, collaboration, and communication.

As the premiere training institution for young artists on Vancouver Island, Kaleidoscope’s Performing Arts Studio has consistently focused on a single mission: training young people to become highly skilled, confident, well-rounded young performers. Offering classes in acting, musical theatre, voice, acting for film, improvisation and countless camps, workshops and opportunities, Kaleidoscope is the leading provider of arts education for young people on Vancouver Island.

Introduce a young person to the power of live theatre with Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People!